Gregory Cheng, CWS®
Chief Executive Officer
May 8, 2023

We recently launched a weekly team post entitled Thursday Thrive! which is intended to offer snackable ideas on how to grow and develop well (and vigorously). Subjects include tips on productivity, wellness, and team collaboration in an effort to offer insights that will enable us individually—and as a team—to thrive.

A recent offering was inspired by Rachel Feintzeig’s Wall Street Journal article entitled: The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Multitasking. Here are some highlights from the article as well as articles from Stanford University Neuroscience and the American Psychological Association (resource links below).

Additional resources:
Multitasking: Switching Costs (American Psychological Association)
Why Multitasking Does More Harm Than Good (Stanford University Neuroscience)
The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Multitasking (WSJ article: paid subscription required)

Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP®
September 5, 2023
Estate Planning From the Heart
I believe that life is about living well and dying well. Have you heard about the Conversation Project? I hadn’t until just recently when one of my favorite newspaper columnists, Ellen Goodman, resurfaced in a Google search about end-of-life issues. Many of you—in my age range—may be very familiar with Ellen, a Boston Globe and Pulitzer Prize winner whose columns chronicled social change and its impact on American life.
Deborah Badillo, CFP®
Client Advisor
July 11, 2023
Tips for Aging in Place
For those not familiar with the phrase “aging in place,” simply put, it refers to choosing to stay in your home with family, friends, and neighbors around you as you grow older (instead of moving to a residential facility designed to support long-term care, such as an assisted-living facility)
Rubina Hossain, CFP®
Client Advisor
August 8, 2023
Financial Wellness
You may have heard the term Financial Wellness tossed around on the web over the past few years—especially since the onset of the pandemic. I have always believed in this concept and am happy to hear it has gained a lot of traction—if one doesn’t feel financially well it can lead to all sorts of stresses and impact one’s mental health.
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