At a time when you are in pain from your loss, chances are everyone around you is now an expert on what you should do — without really knowing your actual financial situation. 

You may feel pushed to make decisions now, when in fact, the best decision may be to do nothing beyond the basics of changing social security and settling debts. But how do you know what is best for you?

Questions you may have:

To help you get through the fog, you need to find someone who will really listen to you...

...and learn enough about what needs to be done immediately and what can wait until you are ready to face the issues or details. We have become trusted Advisors to many widows and widowers and really helped make a difference in their lives after their loss. Our team combines decades of financial planning experience with warmth, dedication, and empathy. We live life alongside our clients through all seasons, including the good and the bad. That often means our best work is done while comforting our clients through a challenging experience — which is when they need us most.

Click here for a downloadable checklist for What to do after the Death of a Spouse.

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