If you were applying for a mortgage, how long would it take you to provide a net worth statement to the lender?

If it takes more than 30 minutes, you are considered financially disorganized. But, you say, it takes too long to keep up with all the details of your financial life and your daily responsibilities get in the way. Besides, does it really matter? Well yes it does. Disorganization costs you money, through paying late fees on bills, overlooking an error on your bank statement, being late making your estimated tax payments so you pay a penalty, lowering your credit score, and on and on. You're not sure if you are making financial progress or not.

Issues you could be facing:
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Meira to the rescue!

We can help you organize your financial information in a way that will enable you to keep track of your wealth. Together, we'll create a Financial Plan and an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) based upon your goals that will guide you as you reimagine your new financial future. Our online resources can help you keep track of all of your resources in one place. Getting organized will save you money, help you set goals and track your progress and — with Meira at your side — you'll have an advocate and someone who can help you remain accountable when you need it most. Creating and executing a comprehensive financial plan will increase your chances of success.“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Does this sound like you?

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