Rubina Hossain, CFP®
Client Advisor
July 5, 2022

Since I can remember, I have always tried to practice making the most of any situation in life. One of my favorite things to do outside of work is to travel.

Years ago I discovered Responsible Travel, a British based company founded in 2001—years before ecotourism was a thing! (FYI, I am not being sponsored by them.) Responsible Travel allows you to combine all sorts of travel (family, adventure, beach, etc.) with a green/environmentally friendly travel focus and ensures that most of you dollars stay in the local communities where its' needed most.

To be able to travel—which eternally enlightens and enriches me—and to do it in a "responsible" fashion was a win/win for me. I took a particularly memorable one of their eco-friendly trips with my family to Costa Rica. It was all that it was supposed to be: vegan, time for yoga, totally off the grid (in the middle of the jungle), and spiritual with eco-friendly lodging. My husband and I loved it! Our two kids, admittedly, seemed to be in a state of shock: no TV in the room, very earthly lodging, and no wifi!

I am so pleased to have had that trip, especially with my children, as it created lasting memories of being together as a family and in an environment that offered an ability to completely unplug.

If you've ever wondered about eco-tourism, I encourage you to research companies that offer this type of travel for you next holiday. It can be both a way of getting all the benefits that travel offers while being kind to the only planet we have (for now!). You can start here at

By the way, be sure to take the quiz on their website: Which is the biggest source of your holiday's Carbon Dioxide emission?

A. Aviation?
B. Accommodation?
C. Food?

The answer may surprise you.

Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP®
October 18, 2023
Do You Know Someone Who is Living With Dementia?
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Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP®
September 5, 2023
Estate Planning From the Heart
I believe that life is about living well and dying well. Have you heard about the Conversation Project? I hadn’t until just recently when one of my favorite newspaper columnists, Ellen Goodman, resurfaced in a Google search about end-of-life issues. Many of you—in my age range—may be very familiar with Ellen, a Boston Globe and Pulitzer Prize winner whose columns chronicled social change and its impact on American life.
Deborah Badillo, CFP®
Client Advisor
July 11, 2023
Tips for Aging in Place
For those not familiar with the phrase “aging in place,” simply put, it refers to choosing to stay in your home with family, friends, and neighbors around you as you grow older (instead of moving to a residential facility designed to support long-term care, such as an assisted-living facility)
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