Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP®
September 28, 2021

Our New Name

The Meira name and logo represent for us a new chapter in our firm as we continue the good work of helping our clients and each other discover and re-imagine purpose and the center of what we do.

The word Meira (pronounced mɪər-a or ‘meer-a’) can be translated as “Bringer of Light” or “One Who Illuminates”.

For over 25 years, we have worked to make a positive difference in people’s financial lives—illuminating, if you will—the path to a successful financial future. We’re excited about what the future holds for the next 25 years.


The Lubitz Financial Group logo, a tree, was originally conceived after our founder Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP® discovered a 1912 postcard to her great grandfather from his local bank.

The tree on the card showed the roots of the foundation as being Wise Spending, Systematic Saving, Thrift, Foresight and Economy, with a strong trunk. The color green represents life, growth and safety. The healthy treetop included the branches of Independence, Happy Old Age, Recreation, Self-Respect and Opportunity. These same financial habits, respected and revered in 1912, still hold true today as the foundation of a sound financial plan.

The Meira logo also enjoys similar color characteristics that represent that same sense of life, growth and safety. The floral pattern is meant to evoke the idea of Venn diagram (also called a Venn Purpose Diagram). The below diagram by Anaïs Bock can help visualize the connection between all areas of our life—for example, those of Passion, Play, Meaning, Purpose, Potential and Occupation—as a means of illumination.


Our Founder

In 1993, our founder, Linda Lubitz Boone left a successful 18-year career at the largest Savings Bank in Florida, to start her own business. She had started a Securities Brokerage firm, AmeriFirst Securities Corporation, a subsidiary company for that bank, and realized that the commission sales model of a transactional business was in the company’s best interest but it was not necessarily in the client’s best interest.

She wanted to have a business that could make a positive difference in people’s financial life now and in the future through comprehensive financial planning and investment advice, provided on a fee for service business model, not commission sales. These services would be provided as a Fiduciary, meaning the advice would be in the client’s best interest not just suitable for the client.

The Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) certification was created in 1972 and and attaining this early professional designation was an imperative for any Advisor in the firm. The ethical standards and professional framework the CFP® education provided was not widely recognized when she started the firm and — fortunately, since then — the CFP® mark has become the gold standard for the financial professional.

An early pioneer in the Financial Planning profession, as well as being one of the few women business owners at that time, Linda had goals to provide a company with an open, including and respectful environment, a training ground for the right way to be a financial planner, to give back to the profession while making a positive difference in our clients' lives.

Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP®
September 28, 2021
What’s in a Name? The Lubitz Financial Group is now Meira!
The Lubitz Financial Group logo, a tree, was originally conceived after our founder Linda Lubitz Boone discovereda 1912 postcard to her great grandfather from his local bank.
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September 25, 2021
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