September 23, 2021

A study released recently by Fidelity Charitable shows how the pandemic bolstered many donors’ generosity. 

Key Findings of the report are:

Fueled by a desire to make the world a better place, women are highly active and engaged in charitable giving.

For both men and younger women, the pandemic made giving a greater priority.

Women lag men in participation in charitable investment strategies and knowledge about tax-savvy approaches to giving.

Both age and gender are important factors in depicting how donors approach giving. Generational change is quickly shifting the philanthropic landscape — but not necessarily closing the gender gap related to charitable planning strategies.

Women are more focused than men on addressing issues related to immediate human needs.

Women’s heart-focused approach to giving is reflected in their priorities. After 2020 — a year when countless people and communities suffered — women were highly focused on providing basic care. They were more likely to rank hunger, access to basic health services and access to shelter or affordable housing as one of the biggest challenges facing the world. Men were more likely to rank treatments or cures for diseases and economic development as one of the top challenges to solve.

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Jorge Padilla, CFP®
Principal, Senior Client Advisor
May 25, 2022
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A few weeks ago, our team enjoyed an offsite meeting at a resort in Key Largo that included some fun activities to disconnect and also some focused work as a team. One of the particularities of the resort is their restrictive policy around cell phone usage in certain areas. On the way back, my wife and I started a dialogue about the impact the 24/7 connectivity that our smartphones and the internet are having in our lives. It was just a few decades ago that we were still consuming information at a slower pace, outside of the digital world. Are we better off as a society, as a result? Certainly, the ability to provide access to information and knowledge to a wider audience will generally lead to progress. At the same time, are we happier than older generations in this hyper-connected world? I will let you answer that question for yourself.
Vladimir Filipović, MBA
Client Service Associate
March 11, 2022
Cybersecurity | Staying Safe and Controlling the Controllable
Eye rolls and pitiful exhales—that was the initial response I got from my family and loved ones when discussing cyber security.
Rubina Hossain, CFP®
Client Advisor
March 7, 2022
My Personal College Planning Experience
In April 2018 the college decisions started rolling in. My daughter—first born—applied to 15 universities (she worked super hard in high school and was determined to go to school up North). She had been thinking about going to university since 5th grade. Now, looking back at that time, fifteen applications was way too many—too much work and each application costs $$. The good news is that she got into 10 schools!
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