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One day, I just walked through the front door determined to make a positive difference in people’s financial lives through good financial planning advice and sound investment guidance. That passion and determination still holds true today, nearly fifteen years later. Over the years, I have led numerous firm-wide projects, worn many hats, and been instrumental in upgrading our processes and technology to continuously improve our client experience.

Today, I focus my efforts in working closely with our clients as their trusted advisor and providing them guidance through their important financial life decisions. I lead our client advisory team and the ongoing improvement of our financial planning processes. In addition, I lead the firm’s investment strategy and research efforts with the goal of bringing to our clients the most attractive investment solutions across traditional and alternative investment markets.

Most recently, I have become passionate around building expertise in the new technologies of blockchain and distributed ledger technology and how they will transform the future of financial services.

I have authored and contributed to numerous articles, both in English and Spanish, on financial planning and investment topics that have appeared in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Miami Herald, the Journal of Financial Planning, and Diario de Las Americas, among others. I enjoy educating others and have been a mentor to business students at the University of Miami and Florida International University and given presentations to professional groups around the topics of financial planning, behavioral investing, cryptocurrency, and more. I have held numerous leadership roles within the Financial Planning Association, including President of both the Financial Planning Association of Florida and Miami.

… and beyond.

I hold a B.S in Business Administration and Finance from Winthrop University and have completed coursework and certifications from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and University of Chicago Booth School of Business. 

I grew up in Spain and had a prior life as a tennis player, which helped me be the fortunate recipient of a tennis scholarship at Winthrop. While there, we won three conference titles and NCAA National participations. I am a fitness junkie and general sports fan, particularly football (a.k.a. soccer). To alleviate the competitive bug, you may see me compete in an occasional tennis tournament, running or triathlon race.

My wife and I travel the world together and lead a rich cultural life. I enjoy food and wine and exploring new restaurants. Occasionally I may try out being a home chef for a day. To help with our travel planning, I enjoy the game of finding new strategies for maximizing the value of points and miles for special travel experiences.

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Jorge Padilla, CFP®
Principal, Senior Client Advisor
May 25, 2022
Feeling Uncomfortable With the Investment Markets? Who is Driving Your Information Diet?
A few weeks ago, our team enjoyed an offsite meeting at a resort in Key Largo that included some fun activities to disconnect and also some focused work as a team. One of the particularities of the resort is their restrictive policy around cell phone usage in certain areas. On the way back, my wife and I started a dialogue about the impact the 24/7 connectivity that our smartphones and the internet are having in our lives. It was just a few decades ago that we were still consuming information at a slower pace, outside of the digital world. Are we better off as a society, as a result? Certainly, the ability to provide access to information and knowledge to a wider audience will generally lead to progress. At the same time, are we happier than older generations in this hyper-connected world? I will let you answer that question for yourself.
Vladimir Filipović, MBA
Client Service Associate
March 11, 2022
Cybersecurity | Staying Safe and Controlling the Controllable
Eye rolls and pitiful exhales—that was the initial response I got from my family and loved ones when discussing cyber security.
Rubina Hossain, CFP®
Client Advisor
March 7, 2022
My Personal College Planning Experience
In April 2018 the college decisions started rolling in. My daughter—first born—applied to 15 universities (she worked super hard in high school and was determined to go to school up North). She had been thinking about going to university since 5th grade. Now, looking back at that time, fifteen applications was way too many—too much work and each application costs $$. The good news is that she got into 10 schools!
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